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My Picks for Superbowl XLIII

Okay, maybe I got a little cocky after my near perfect week during the Divisional Round and picked both #6 seeds to win the Conference Championships, in spite of this being the first time that two no. 6's had ever gotten one game away from the Superbowl.

So, my 0-2 record dropped me back down to where I was after the Wildcard Round leaving me 5-5 straight up and also 5-5 against the spread.

I'm done overlooking the Cardinals though and I think they have a real shot to win the whole thing. This has actually been one of the best playoffs in a long time and I think this game will follow that trend.

It would be hard for it to surpass last year with the Giants' huge upset of the undefeated Patriots (which I predicted with the correct score even), but it should be a great one. So pull out some good snacks, grab a chair, and let's get this thing started.

Since this is the final game 'til September, I decided to throw in a few extra picks rather than just picking who will win and who will cover the point spread. I'm also picking the result of the opening coin flip, the over/under, and the MVP. (READ THE ENTIRE POST ON HUBPAGES)

My Picks:

The Opening Coin Flip

My pick: Tails

The Over/Under - 46 1/2 points

My pick: Over

The Pittsburgh Steelers ( -7 ) vs. the Arizona Cardinals

SU: Arizona Cardinals

ATS: Arizona Cardinals

The Superbowl MVP

My pick: Kurt Warner

Weekly Record:

SU: 0-1

ATS: 0-1

The Coin Toss: 0-1

The Over/Under: 1-0

The MVP: Santonio Holmes

Final Overall Record:

SU: 5-6

ATS: 6-5

My Picks for the Conference Championship Round of the 2009 NFL Playoffs

See, I told you that I would turn it around. After going just 2-2 straight up with a dismal 1-3 against the spread in my Wildcard Round picks, I went 3-1 straight up and 4-0 against the spread in my Divisional Round picks. Which leaves me 5-3 straight up and also 5-3 against the spread overall.

It's another week of reruns, but of course, both of these retreads are going to be well worth watching. One is a genuine grudge match; with no hyperbole needed to sell it as such. The other is the most unlikely conference championship matchup ever; featuring two teams that weren't even supposed to be worthy of being in the playoffs in the first place. Can it get any better than this? Maybe.

Then again, with Philly having played both Baltimore and Pittsburgh during the season, there's a fifty-fifty chance that the reruns will carry over into SuperBowl XLIII. Apparently, Hollywood isn't the only one who can't manage to come up with original programming anymore. (READ THE ENTIRE POST ON HUPAGES)

My Picks:

Philadelphia (-3) at Arizona

SU: Philly

ATS: Philly

Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-6)

SU: Baltimore

ATS: Baltimore

Weekly Record:

SU: 0-2

ATS: 0-2

Overall Record:

SU: 5-5

ATS: 5-5

My Picks for the Divisional Round of the 2009 NFL Playoffs

Well, my Wildcard Round picks could have been better. Ended up 2-2 straight up (Bal. + Phil.) and 1-3 (only Philly came through for me) against the spread. But I'm back and I'm ready to turn it all around this time.

This is the rerun week for the NFL with every game being a rematch of an earlier meeting and Eagles/Giants going for a tiebreaker. Unlike most network shows lately however, these reruns should be worth watching being that the largest margin of victory in the previous games was six points.

The big question is how much more of an advantage will the bye week give the home teams this week. Recent history says homefield is a definite advantage with the home team going 47-17 since 1993. However, it isn't so significant a factor against the spread with teams splitting 31-31-2 during that same time period. (READ THE ENTIRE POST ON HUBPAGES)

My Picks:

Baltimore at Tennessee (-3)

SU: Baltimore

ATS: Baltimore

Arizona at Carolina (-9.5)

SU: Carolina

ATS: Baltimore

Philadelphia at New York (-4.5)

SU: Philly

ATS: Philly

San Diego at Pittsburgh (-6.5)

SU: Pitt

ATS: Pitt

Weekly Record:

SU: 3-1

ATS: 4-0

Overall Record:

SU: 5-3

ATS: 5-3

My Picks for the Wildcard Round of 2009 NFL Playoffs

Well, much like the fans in Minnesota and Arizona, I'm a bit late to the game this week, but, for what it is worth, here are my picks both straight up and against the spread.

I'll be somewhat brief and to the point rather than dwelling any further on the fact that two teams are struggling to sell tickets to a playoff, including one who hasn't had that opportunity in 47 years including the entire time they've resided in their current host city. (READ THE ENTIRE POST ON HUBPAGES)

The picks:

Atlanta (-1) at Arizona

SU: Atlanta

ATS: Atlanta

Indianapolis (-1.5) at San Diego

SU: Indy

ATS: Indy

Baltimore (-3.5) at Miami

SU: Baltimore

ATS: Miami

Philadelphia (-3) at Minnesota

SU: Philly

ATS: Philly

Weekly Record:

SU: 2-2

ATS: 1-3

Overall Record:

SU: 2-2

ATS: 1-3

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