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Spreading Anarchy to the Sports Blog Net (

In my continuing efforts to infect the internets with my opinions and commentary about the sports world, I have recently joined the Sports Blog Net.

As the name implies, is a syndication network for sports-related blogs. Much like I currently do on Bleacher Report, I'll be syndicating versions of my original content from this blog onto

In addition, I'll continue to publish some extended versions of the syndicated articles on HubPages.

I read through the blogs on for a while before I actually applied to join and I do think they offer some good benefits, both for bloggers and for readers who are looking for informative blogs that cover the spots they are interested in.

Sports Blog Net's stated goal is to make all the blogs in the network as successful as possible. That includes increasing those blogs exposure to readers and, in the process, enabling the bloggers to earn more money through that increased traffic.

SBNet's desire is to promote small blogs to the masses, give new bloggers an avenue to get the exposure they are looking for, and give sports fans a destination that they want to visit everyday and where they can easily find the information they are looking for.

In order to advance those goals SBNet, invites its visitors to "Read, Write, Discover, and Build:"
They also encourage fellow bloggers to network with each other and cross link when appropriate, so there are several benefits for independent bloggers to come out of the wilderness and join the team.

And on a final note, in order to avoid any confusion, there is no fee of any sort required to join the Sports Blog Network, nor am I receiving any sort of incentive for promoting them.
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