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NFL Week Two Picks

Last week I did pretty well picking who would win the games, but not quite so well against the point spread.

Picking without a line, I ended up with a 13-2 record after both of my Monday night picks staged miraculous last minute comebacks to win their games.

Unfortunately, the sportbooks weren't quite so generous to me and I ended up with a 7-8 record against the spread, in large part because both of the Monday night favorites had to stage miraculous last minute comebacks just to win their games.

The math whizzes among you may have noticed that my records only add up to fifteen games while there actually were sixteen games played last week. The answer to that discrepancy is that I didn't post my picks until after the Thursday game between Pittsburgh and Tennessee.

For the (unofficial) record I did pick the Steelers to win the game, but the Titans to cover the spread (you'd have to be crazy not to take six points in a game between those two). However since you would have to take my word for it, I'm not including that in my official picks.

Just a brief explanation of the format, since this is only week two and week one was an overall NFL preview. Each weekly preview will be split into several different sections.

The first section consists of things I saw that I liked during the previous week and how I think they apply to future games.

The second section consists of things I didn't like during the previous week and how I think they apply to future games.

The third section consists of "Things I learned" during the previous week, I.E. something that surprised me or that I had analyzed wrong and am now reevaluating.

The fourth section consists of "Things I Already Knew," I.E. where I brag about something I predicted or observed during a previous week that was born out in the most recent week's games.

The final section is where I make my picks.

Finally, the comments section is where you tell me how right or wrong you think my picks are and why. (READ THE ENTIRE POST ON HUBPAGES)

The Week Two Picks
  1. Kansas City -3 vs. Oakland SU: Kansas City ATS: Oakland
  2. Tennessee -7 vs. Houston SU: Tennessee ATS: Tennessee
  3. New England -3.5 @ NY Jets SU: NY Jets ATS: NY Jets
  4. Green Bay -9 vs. Cincinnati SU: Green Bay ATS: Green Bay
  5. Minnesota -10 @ Detroit SU: Minnesota ATS: Minnesota
  6. New Orleans -1 @ Philadelphia SU: Philadelphia ATS: Philadelphia
  7. Atlanta -6 vs. Carolina SU: Atlanta ATS: Carolina
  8. Washington -9.5 vs. St. Louis SU: Washington ATS: St, Louis
  9. Jacksonville -3 vs. Arizona SU: Arizona ATS: Arizona
  10. San Francisco -1 vs. Seattle SU: San Francisco ATS: San Francisco
  11. Buffalo -4.5 vs. Tampa Bay SU: Buffalo ATS: Buffalo
  12. Denver -3 vs. Cleveland SU: Denver ATS: Denver
  13. San Diego -3 vs. Baltimore SU: Baltimore ATS: Baltimore
  14. Pittsburgh -3 @ Chicago SU: Pittsburgh ATS: Pittsburgh
  15. Dallas -3 vs. New York Giants SU: New York Giants/ ATS: New York Giants
  16. Indianapolis -3 @ Miami SU: Miami ATS: Miami
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